Computer Age – Neil Young

14 02 2010

02 Computer Age02 Computer Age From the album Trans


Computer Age – Neil Young

14 02 2010

From the album, Trans

Grooviest Motel of all Time – “The Gobbler”

5 02 2010

I think I remember Kitty and Red talking about this on That 70s Show. Anyway here it is in all it’s glory, enjoy.

>The Gobbler<

Jesus Rifles

20 01 2010

U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret ‘Jesus’ Bible Codes

Sadly this story didn’t surprise me. No wonder the Muslims think we are fighting a religious war, we are.

White Girl

20 01 2010

18 – White Girl

Classic Punk Duet

Fan Mail

7 01 2010

I’ve never written a fan letter. That would take too much effort. I do good to mail in things that if ignored will jam up my life, traffic tickets, bills, taxes…. Now we can Tweet most anyone right from our cell phones while we are at work,(fucking demanding customers, I’m tweeting Adam Kutcher moron). This woman for whatever reason saw something in a brand new artist unknown to most everyone else in America enough to write him a letter and tell him. Now she has a priceless piece of history. Check out the reply she got when she was the first person from America to send him a “Fan Letter”.

>Bowie Reply<

Freakout Christmas

24 12 2009

02 – Master Of The Universe