“I Don’t remember” is Chris Browns story

3 09 2009

Wow this guy is dumb. It’s pitiful seeing his mother and lawyer who seem intellegent standing by this mooron and his ridiculous answers to Kings softball questions.Okay Chris, now we’re cool. Previously, I’d just concluded that you were a jerk whose ego and basic lack of respect for women led you to think that beating on chicks was okay, but now that you’ve admitted that you don’t even remember beating the crap out of Rihanna, I feel a lot better about buying your records. Although, I’m still curious as to what force took advantage of you and forced you to hit her in the first place. Did you maybe come into possession of a cursed diary once owned by a young Tom Riddle, and Rihanna was just an accidental victim of an evil plot to open the Chamber of Secrets? I am completely willing to accept that explanation.




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